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From the Storage: Isaac Grünewald and Vera Nilsson

2014-07-01 - 2014-08-31

In connection with the on-going Infrastructure Project, sketches of Isaac Grünewald (1889 – 1946) and Vera Nilsson (1888 – 1979) have been retrieved from the storage to be displayed during the summer. Grünewald worked with notable public works and entered a number of large competitions. Here we display approximately 50 sketches to the Stockholm Concert Hall, among others, as well as proposals to the unrealized projects for the National Museum, The Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, and the City Theatre and Concert Hall in Gothenburg.

Vera Nilsson was the first woman to be elected to the Art Academy in the 1900s and was considered alongside Sigrid Hjérten, as one of the most prominent pioneers among women artists. In the Open Studio, sketches of Vera Nilsson are displayed to a commission for the Central Metro Station in Stockholm, together with several projects in schools in different parts of Sweden.

The Open Studio

2014-07-01 - 2014-08-31

Meet the Museum´s conservator on Wednesdays 2 – 16 July & 13 – 27 August from 13.00 – 15.00

The comprehensive work around an art collection generally takes place concealed from the public eye. However, during the summer one can visit the Open Studio at the Museum to participate in this process: What are the tools of a conservator? How is a sketch that measures several metres, handled? How is a tear in the paper repaired? Put your questions to our conservator Pernille Höjmark Jensen, and get an insight into how the Museum works with restoration and preservation. Next to the Open Studio is a presentation of works from our collections, which can be anything from interesting projects that were recently inventoried, to examples of damaged sketches before the conservator has done a much-needed restoration.

The Open Studio has been created in connection with a 2-year long Infrastructure Project, which was initiated earlier this year and can be a followed up with special pre-booked tours in the autumn. In this way the public will have access to the project and get an insight into the process. Welcome!

The Department of Architecture in Lund - POPUPSOLBJER

2014-05-26 - 2014-08-31

An entirely new urban district will emerge in northwest Lund during the next 30-40 years. When the area is fully constructed, around 50, 000 people will live and work in the region. The level of ambition is exceptionally high, which is to be the world´s finest research and innovative centre. Moreover, it will serve as a display window for sustainable Swedish urban development of global excellence. It will be a district where planning is infused with ingenuity, and a sense of responsibility for future generations.

During one week in the month of May 2014, the unbuilt area of Solbjer, in Brunnshög, Lund, was transformed into an experimental workshop in architecture. The Department of Architecture and the Municipality of Lund, cooperated in realizing this workshop with the residents of the area, and those Companies that were part of the first phase of the establishment of Brunnshög.

During PopUpSolbjer the students have dealt with questions concerning future dwellings and towns. How do people wish to reside if they are allowed to choose? What is essential? What kinds of cities attract people? With temporary exhibitions – sculptures and prototypes – the students realized their ideas using recycled materials from the recently concluded Carnival in Lund.

During the summer the Museum´s Sculpture Park will display a selection of these works. These will later be reprocessed at another location or become a part of a wholly new project.