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Endangered Architecture: The Work of Bernt Nyberg

2015-03-26 - prel. 2015-06-07

An exhibition about the modernist from Lund, Bernt Nyberg´s (1927 –1978) threatened buildings, which originates from the American Architect Matthew Hall´s research project on the ground-breaking accomplishments of Nyberg. Today, Nyberg´s buildings are internationally acclaimed, but are sadly not as reputable in Lund, the very city where he started his Architect Office and where several of his buildings were erected. In connection with the exhibition, Skissernas Museum will be issuing a catalogue in collaboration with the School of Architecture in Copenhagen and the Architect and Design Centre in Stockholm


2014-10-25 - 2015-04-06

During the past 80 years, the creative process and public art have been the focus at Skissernas museum. In connection with the Jubilee, the museum reflects on the importance of the collections and its history, through an installation of sketches and archival material covering eight decades. The extensive material reveals the museum’s significant role as a national and international resource for discussions on art in public space. The timeline with press cuttings, photographs, film and audio illustrates both major and minor events through the years, at the same time as the wide-ranging exhibition activities are reflected in the cavalcade of posters. The display on the tables consists of letters, journal entries and travel accounts, written in relation to the acquisition of artworks from all over the world. A slideshow presents documentary photographic material from the museum archives.