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Carlos Garaicoa …en gränslös verklighet som evighetens trädgårdar… ,

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Plaza Vieja, 2005. Pop-Up Book. Digital print on paper. Mixed media. Estudio Carlos Garaicoa. Photo Credits: Irelio Alonso

Lunch concert ,

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Konst i staden ,

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Swedish Museum of the Year 2019!

With accessibility and sustainability in focus, Skissernas Museum has transformed and developed building, content and methods. It demonstrates how an innovative and strategically holistic perspective looks like in theory and practice. Therefore, the museum is awarded the prestigious Museum of the Year 2019.


You can still see large sections of the American artist Swoon's murals at the museum. In 2017, when the museum reopened, Swoon (Caledonia Curry) created a site-specific wall work, transforming both the courtyard and a tall stairwell in the older part of the museum.

15-minute Introduction

Join a 15-minute introduction to the museum and collections every Tuesday to Friday during summer.

Creative workshop

Join us in the space where new artistic ideas are born! The creative workshop is central to the museum’s educational activities. We offer workshops for children, teens and adults with the creative process in the center.

Nyhet! Brown Bag Lunches: podcast

Nu kan du lyssna till vår populära samtalsserie när det passar dig! Läggs upp tisdagen efter samtalet och finns där poddar finns.

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